July 27, 2011

POLAND - country # 12

Thanks   Waldemar   Szledak  for  sending  nice  cover

July 26, 2011

Cover from ITALY

Thanks    Giovanni   Colombo  for  sending  beautiful  cover  with  pope  John  Paul II.

LATVIA - country #11

First  cover  from   Latvia.
Thanks  Oleg  Skleinov  for  sending  nice  cover.

July 25, 2011

Cover from SPAIN

Thanks  Antonio   Chueca   Aguado   for  this  beautiful  cover  and   beautiful   stamp-block   which  shows  the typical  dance   of  region  where  he  lives .

Cover from SPAIN

Thanks   Emilio   Fernandez   Esteban  for  nice   cover.

July 22, 2011

NEW ZEALAND - country #10

My  first  cover  from   New   Zealand.

Thanks   Jake   Yoon

July 18, 2011