October 11, 2011

October 7, 2011

THAILAND - country # 28

Thanks  Sasiran  for beautiful cover

Cover from SRI LANKA

Thanks   Nuwan   for  nice   cover
I  received   this  cover  torn  and  put in the  foil. On the foil and  letter  was   written  that  the  mail item  was  received  in  that  condition  from  abroad.    But  the  stamps  weren`t  stolen, probably  the letter  was  damaged  during  transport.

GREECE - country # 27

Thanks   Spyros  for  beautiful   cover   :)))))

LUXEMBOURG - country # 26

Thanks   Arturo  for nice cover

SOUTH KOREA - country # 25

Thanks  Ahn  for  beautiful stamps on cover

Cover from ARGENTINA

Thanks  Viviana  for  beautiful  stamps  on  cover

Cover from BRAZIL

Thanks  Natalia

October 4, 2011

Cover from AUSTRALIA

Thanks   Draško   for  beautiful  cover.
This  cover  is  also  special  because  the envelope  is  from   South  Africa.

Cover from FRANCE

Thanks  Jean-Philippe   for    beautiful  cover